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The INA219 breakout board is a comprehensive power monitoring solution. Rather than using a voltage sensor and a current sensor, the INA219B measures both with 1% precision and communicates digitally with the host with TWI/I2C. It is capable of high side current and voltage measurement up to 26V and 3.2A.

The precision current amplifier measures the voltage across the 0.1 Ω, 1% sense resistor to determine the current flowing. The combined voltage and current measurements allow power to be calculated, making the INA219 great for tracking battery life or solar panels. (Power = Voltage * Current)

Note: The 0.1 Ωcurrent sense resistor can be removed and replaced with your own to change the current measurement range. (e.g. 0.1 Ω = 3.2A, 0.05 Ω = 6.4A )



  • Programmable calibration register can be read in units of ampere direct current, and read the power in watts.
  • Up to 128 samples can be averaged to achieve filtering in noisy environments.
  • I2C interface has a timeout setting, not only to prevent bus lock, but also provides high-speed mode,
  • to meet the communication requirements of up to 3.4 MHz.



  • Supply Voltage: 3.0 – 5.5V
  • Voltage Measurement Range: 0 – 26V
  • Current Measurement Range: 0 – 3.2A
  • Power Measurement Range: 0 – 83.2W
  • Interface Protocol: TWI / I2C



  • INA219 Breakout
  • 6-pin header
  • 2-way terminal block



Get the Necessary Library

Adafruit has put together a library that makes working with the INA219 a snap.  You will need to download this library.  It can be found HERE.



Source: henrysbench


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