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ESP8266 Dev Board + 0.91" OLED

Encouraged by the resounding success caused by the emergence of the ESP8266 chip from the famous Espessif Systems on the global microcontroller market, as well as by the widespread popularity of wireless connections with the simultaneous emergence of new-generation conceptual computer networks, the TTGO trademark is launching a number of successful and demanded electronic solutions under its brand. Its products are part of an endless list of Arduino-compatible products developed by various manufacturers, and today there are just an insane amount of all kinds of simple and complex, useful and convenient products.

The TTGO WiFi ESP8266 NodeMCU module is endowed with truly enormous potential that can help novice or professional developers in their quest to invent their own unique innovative projects with support for the equally well-known Internet of Things (IoT, Internet of Things) technology, which is based on remote communication between smart devices. deployed across the globe at various distances and armed means of access to the world wide web Internet. Among the immense variety of ways to use the module, most often the design of educational, construction, household or industrial robotics, the creation of communication and control facilities for peripheral equipment combined with a microcontroller, the manufacture of multipurpose stationary or mobile applications, stands out.

The TTGO ESP8266 Nodemcu application development platform blurs the boundaries before the need to know a single programming language; it perfectly "understands" both the fundamental C ++, and convenient scripting Lua, and even MicroPhyton. Freely distributed source code of firmware for various versions of development kits (SDK) gives the developer the ability to independently make the necessary changes and create modified firmware with the NodeMCU interpreter or based on AT commands pre-configured for the needs of the project. At the same time, TTGO fully supports the development of custom applications based on the well-known Arduino IDE or ESPlorer editors for Windows, Linux or Mac-OS operating systems.


Hardware Specifications

Main chip ESPRESSIF-ESP8266


KEY: reset,prg

Dispaly: 0.91-inch 128*32 OLED

USB to TTL CP2102

modular  interface: read , write , IIC , SPI , the middle , PWM , ect...

on-board clock :26MHz crystal oscillator

working voltage :3.3V-7V

working current: about 70mA

working temperature range: -40℃ ~ 90℃

size: 50.86mm*18.2mm*6.96mm


Power Supply Specifications

Power Supply :USB 5V/1A

charging current: 500mA

battery: 3.7V lithium battery




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Pin Diagram


Package Contents

1 X TTGO ESP8266 (Without battery by default)

1 X power cable (Jst 2 pin 1.25mm)



WEIGHT : 7.81g (1 SET)

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