RS232 to RS485 Communication Data Converter Adapter w/ Terminal Board

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RS232 Communication Converter is widely used in industrial automation, door safe, all-in-one-card, car parking, ATM, bus charge, eatery sell out, staff attendance management, and highway toll gate, etc. The RS485 Communication Converter is capable of applying between host computers, host computer and its external equipments and forms point to point, point to multi-points network.

Interface female DB9 Pin RS-232 to male RS-485 connector, with connection board. it is able to convert RS232 signal to RS485 balanced differential signal and extend the communication distance to 1.2km. It is passive and doesn't require external power.


  • Interface: EIA/TIA RS232 Standard and RS485 Standard 
  • Working Mode: Asynchronous, Half-duplex, Differential Transmission 
  • Transmission Media: Twisted Pair or Shielded Twisted Pair 
  • Transmission Rate: 300-115200bps 
  • Transmission Distance: 1200m(RS485), 5m(RS232) 
  • Working Environment: 0-70 degree (HB-485-A), -20-85 degree(HB-485-C), Relative Humidity: 5%-95% 
  • Dimension: 9.5cm x 3.3cm x 1.7cm (L*W*H) 



  • Signals: RS-232: DCD(1), RXD(2),TXD(3),DTR(4), 5GND(5), DSR(6), RTS(7), CTS(8),RI(9)
  • DB9 Male connector: D-/B(1), D+/A(2), ---(3), ---(4), GND(5), + 5v~ + 12v(6), ---(7), ---(8), ---(9)
  • RS-485 terminal board: D+/A(1), D-/B(2), GND(3), + 5v~ + 12v(4)

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