5-Way IR Infrared Tracking Sensor Module

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5 channel Infrared Reflective Sensor TCRT5000 KIT 5 way/road IR Photoelectric Switch Barrier Line Track Module


5-channel tracing module analog output, analog output and distance, object color related. The stronger the infrared reflection (white), the larger the output, the weaker the infrared radiation (black), and the smaller the output. The closer the detector is to the black line, the smaller the output, so that the distance of the black line can be judged by the output analog. The smaller the value, the closer the sensor is to the black line. Compared with other track sensors that can only output high and low levels, the 5-channel analog output of this product can feedback the distance of the black line, and the feedback is more accurate.




VCC is the positive input port of the power supply and can be connected to the voltage of 3.3V~5V.


GND is the negative input of the power supply

3. OUT1~5

OUT is the signal output port, which links the I/O port of the MCU.


The sensor adopts TCRT5000, which uses infrared light detection, high sensitivity, anti-interference and stable performance.


Product parameters

1. Using the chip: 74HC14D

2. Working voltage: 3.3V-5V

3. Output mode: digital signal

4. Measuring distance: 1CM-1.5CM

5. Detection probe: TCRT5000L

6. Detection signal: detect black line output low level, detect white line is high level, output low level beyond detection range

7. LED status: detect black line LED off, detect white line LED is bright


5-way infrared tracking sensor overview:

Based on the TRCT5000 infrared reflection sensor, it is often used to make tracking smart cars. The infrared emitting diode of the TRCT5000 sensor continuously emits infrared rays.

When the emitted infrared rays are reflected by the object, they are received by the infrared receiver and output analog values.

The output analog value is related to the object distance and the color of the object.

The position of the tracking line is judged by calculating the analog value of the five outputs.


void setup()

{ Serial.begin(115200);

Serial.println("TRSensor example");

pinMode(A0, INPUT);

pinMode(A1, INPUT);

pinMode(A2, INPUT);

pinMode(A3, INPUT);

pinMode(A4, INPUT); }


void loop()

{ Serial.print(analogRead(A0));

Serial.print(" ");


Serial.print(" ");


Serial.print(" ");


Serial.print(" ");



delay(200); }

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