BFD-1000 5 Channel Line Tracking Sensor Module

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  • BFD-1000 is a cost-effective, multi-functional tracking module created by NewWay Electronics for those who want to make tracking robots. This module is sufficient for daily tracking tasks, and it also has an infrared distance detection sensor. , The touch detection sensor enables the robot you design to adapt to more situations.
  • BFD-1000 is specially designed for black (white) line search. It is especially suitable for the detection of complex black and white lines and cross black and white lines. It has 6 high-sensitivity infrared sensors (5 patrol lines, 1 barrier), It can accurately identify black and white lines.



  1. BFD-1000 integrates 5-channel high-sensitivity tracking sensor, which has little impact on the environment, can accurately track complex black lines (white lines), and is more comfortable with simple black line tracking.
  2. BFD-1000 integrates an infrared barrier sensor, and the barrier distance can be adjusted by sliding rheostat.
  3. BFD-1000 has a specially designed touch detection sensor, which makes the design of the shuttle robot easier.
  4. All the output signals of BFD-1000 are digital signals (high and low level), which is convenient to connect with the MCU.
  5. The output status of all sensors of BFD-1000 has LED lights as indicators, which is convenient for debugging.
  6. BFD-1000 supports a voltage of 3.0-5.5v to meet most system requirements.
  7. Using a high-sensitivity sensor, the tracking range can be arbitrarily changed between 0.5mm-40mm without any adjustment.



  • Detection distance: 0-4 cm (black and white line sensor), 0-5 cm (adjustable distance detection)
  • Input voltage: 3.0-5.5V
  • Output form: digital output (high and low level)


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