DC-DC Step Down XL4016 (Peak 8A) Adjustable Voltage Buck Converter

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The XL4016 is an adjustable DC voltage regulator capable of 8A large load capacity which provides fixed DC power to the load connected.



  • Input voltage: DC 4 - 38V
  • Input Current: continues. 5A;  max. 8A Peak
  • Output voltage: DC 1.25 ~ 36V ( adjustable )
  • Output power: 200W
  • Voltage mode: PWM modulation
  • Operating Frequency: 180KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to 94% (Output voltage higher, the higher the efficiency)
  • Size: 60x37x 29mm (LxWxH)


*Note: Gently rotate the potentiometer counter-clockwise around 7-8 round will drop the output voltage for the first time usage .

How to set-up before use

  1. Make sure that the power input is not greater than input voltage writen in specification.
  2. Set the multimeter to DC Voltage.
  3. Gently turn the adjustment potentiometer to your expecting voltage.
    (Clockwise increase , counterclockwise reduce)
  4. Refer to the 3-digit display for output voltage while adjusting.

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