Wireless 4 Channel RF 315MHz Remote Control and PT2272 Receiver Module 5V [Momentary]

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Add a simple wireless control to a device, no addressing, no programming – used a 315MHz remote with this receiver and you have wireless control up to 100 meters away under ideal conditions!

The M4 momentary type acts like a push button – when the A button is held down, the matching pin goes high. When the A button is released, the matching pin goes low. The pins only go high when a button is pressed.


Receiver module

  • Based on PT2272-M4 chip
  • Working frequency: 315MHz
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V
  • Static current: 4.5mA
  • Modulation mode: OOK
  • Response rate: -105dBm
  • Working temperature: -10'C - 70'C
  • Pin assignment:
    • D0: Output 0
    • D1: Output 1
    • D2: Output 2
    • D3: Output 3
    • GND: Ground
    • VT: Switching voltage
    • VCC: Supply voltage
  • Control distance: 10 meters (open area)

Remote controller

  • Button: 4 buttons
  • Battery model: 23A / 12V 
  • Working current: 10mA@12V
  • Remote control distance: 120 - 150m (open area)
  • Frequency: 315MHz

Package Included
1 x Transmitter with battery
1 x Receiver


Pin D3, D2, D1, D0 is the pin 10,11,12,13 on the module


Address Setting

We generally use the 8-bit address code and 4-bit data code. Pin 1~8 of encoding PT2262 and decoding PT2272 circuit is address pin. There are three states: vacant, high, low. So it has 6561 valid address. Only while the transmitter PT2262 and receiver PT2272 have the same address, they can communicate. So before we use them, we have to set their adresses the same.

As shown above, jumper pad area is composed of three rows. The middle 8 pads are pin 1~8 of PT2272 decoder chip. from the left where marked 1, they are pin 1 to pin8. On the right of the top row there marked an "L", where means this row is connected to GND. And the "H" means they are connceted with positive power supply. If you solder the address pin with the "L", it means you set the pin to low. If you solder it with "H", it means high. And if you leave it alone, it means vacant.



Datasheet for PT2272

If there is no special requirement for the frequency, we will send 315MHz by default.

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